How to Manage Dental Anxiety in Children

Children are fussy about various things. It is always a task to make them do stuff they dislike. One such task is visiting the dentist because they are scared of the practitioner. The fear stems from witnessing an adult undergo a painful procedure or watching a movie or cartoon with a similar scene.

With vaccinations being a common routine in childhood, every practitioner seems like an adult ready to afflict pain. It leads to dental anxiety and makes kids throw tantrums during dental check-ups. An emotional meltdown in the clinic can be embarrassing and challenging to handle for the parents as well as the practitioners.

Thus, here is how parents can manage dental anxiety in children to ensure optimum oral health. Regular examinations are essential for detecting dental problems at an early stage and reducing the risk of decay. So, use the tips below to visit dentists in Hope Island without any stress or fear.

1. Lead by Example to Reduce Anxiety

Children have impressionable minds, and it is easy to change their perception by showing them the right way. Parents must take the lead and bring children to the dentist’s clinic for their appointments. They must make them watch the dental check-up and realise that it does not cause any pain.

They should avoid taking children when undergoing an invasive procedure requiring surgical instruments and syringes. These can increase their anxiety. So, build their confidence by setting a good example of getting teeth examined without hesitation.

2. Find A Friendly Paediatric Dentist

You do not have to struggle if you have a family expert dentist Hope Island. However, if you have moved to a new neighbourhood, you must find a paediatric dentist with a child-friendly temperament. Practitioners who understand the needs of children and treat them with love and care are most suitable to deal with anxious kids.

They understand the phobias of little ones and make them feel comfortable throughout the examination by cracking jokes and talking to them casually. The clinic's interiors of paediatric dentists are designed to attract children with wall art and stuff toys. They make it a fun and exciting experience for children and help eliminate feelings of apprehension and nervousness.

3. Prepare Your Child For Dental Examination

Do not blow the visit to the dentist out of proportion. Talk to your child about the upcoming appointment and explain the importance of dental examination through videos on social media for children. Help them realise the significance of oral hygiene and care.

Use role-play at home to make them feel relaxed about the visit. Become the dentist and show them the examination procedure with their doctor’s set toys. Make it fun, so they eagerly await the appointment instead of dreading it.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement To Reduce Anxiety

Kids are easy to please if you know what they want. You can tell them that you will give them the reward they want if they complete the dental examination. You can ask them to choose the reward or surprise them with a new toy or an ice cream treat.

To make them keep the promise and reduce their anxiousness, you can take their favourite toy along to hold on to while sitting on the examination chair. Distract them by talking to them about things they like, such as their favourite characters from comic books, cartoons and movies. Keep it casual and encourage them to show strength and confidence. Tell them motivational stories to increase their willpower.

5. Calm Them With Relaxation Techniques

If the child shows extreme dental anxiety, you must avoid forcing them to visit the dentist in Hope Island. It can make matters worse and not even allow a proper examination. You need to calm down the child before they enter the clinic. A good way to do this is to introduce them to the dentist before the appointment.

Let the first meeting be a meet-and-greet session to break the ice and help the child become comfortable with the practitioner. Inform your dentist about the child's phobia and seek guidance to relieve the feeling. Do breathing exercises to reduce stress and tension.

You must stay close and tell them they will be fine and you are here to protect them. You can request the dentist to allow them to wear headphones and listen to soothing music with their eyes closed to feel relaxed. If nothing helps, the dentist will use sedation dentistry to overcome anxiety.

6. Start Dental Check-Ups From An Early Stage

Many parents introduce their kids to dentists for the first time when they have developed cavities and are in pain. The ensuing examination and treatment leaves them with a traumatic experience and induces dental anxiety.

It can be avoided if you start taking your child to the dentist when their baby teeth erupt. Make it a habit to schedule visits every six months. When kids know this routine, they will never have dental anxiety, and the probability of developing cavities will also reduce. Ensure they follow daily brushing and flossing at home and maintain a healthy diet.

Wrapping Up

If visiting your Hope Island dentist makes your child anxious, you need to deal with the problem immediately. Identify the cause of the phobia by talking to them and using the tips above to eliminate the negative feelings.