Cosmetic Fillings

Perfect teeth are an essential part of a beautiful smile, and any gaps or presence of cavities can ruin this feature permanently. It can be quite embarrassing when you are talking to someone, and their gaze is fixed on your blackened and stained teeth. Most people tend to ignore such tooth problems until they transform into a painful issue that needs immediate attention of an expert dentist in Hope Island.

What Are Cavities And How Do They Occur?

Cavities are a common tooth ailment, and in simple terms, they represent tooth decay. Damaged areas in the teeth lead to the creation of holes and gaps which are known as cavities. As you may be aware, a cavity arises due to many reasons, but the biggest culprit is a high intake of sugar, presence of bacteria in the mouth, repeated snaking and a lack of proper oral hygiene. The food particles stuck in the gaps and the sugar start to eat the teeth away if they are not brushed and flossed properly, which create cavities. Sometimes, over-brushing or consumption of too acidic food or a habit of grinding your teeth can also cause cavities.

All age groups are susceptible to this problem, especially children and older people. You may be pampering your kids with candies, juices, cakes, chocolates, without being aware of the germs lurking in their teeth. Ignoring them can prove to be a big mistake as untreated cavities can reach the deeper layers of the teeth and cause severe infection which can even lead to the loss of the tooth. At Paradise Smiles, Hope Island, we not only treat your cavities but also provide you with time tested and simple techniques which can be utilised at home to prevent the formation of new cavities.

Symptoms of Cavities

In the early stages, you may not even be aware that you are suffering from tooth decay, and this is why we recommend a comprehensive examination with our dentists in Hope Island. Some early signs that may indicate the presence of cavities include:

  • Sensitivity of teeth particularly to sweet and cold foods and drinks
  • Brown or dark stains in the pits of your teeth or near the gum line
  • Broken teeth and fillings
  • Mild or shooting pain while eating something, especially sweets
  • Feeling of soreness or tenderness when you bite on hard foods

If the cavity is detected early, it is often restorable with a simple filling. At Paradise Smiles, Hope Island, we do not use silver–mercury amalgam fillings. This is a very old method and has become obsolete. New improved technologies allow you to have invisible metal-free fillings that have the potential to last many years.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are utilised by dentists to repair the damaged teeth so that they look natural and can perform their normal functions without any pain or discomfort. The dentists fist clean out the gaps and then fill it with a filling material to close the holes and stop the growth of bacteria. It restricts the further decay of the teeth and prevents the infection from spreading. The white or composite fillings are durable and natural-looking which do not appear mismatched or irregular. You can have the most beautiful smile with these cosmetic fillings which are better than silver fillings.

The composite fillings are made up of acrylic resin and glass which has the capability of blending in with the other teeth. You can also opt for porcelain or ceramic fillings which comprise a mixture of porcelain, glass powder and ceramic. These fillings are used for inlays or onlays, which require developing the filling in the lab and then bonding to the teeth. For inlays, the material is placed only inside the teeth and for onlays, the material is placed inside the teeth as well as the surface of the teeth. Normal composite fillings take one sitting while inlays and onlays are completed in two sessions.

The Cosmetic Filling Procedure

When you visit our dentist in Hope Island for consultation, the practitioner will examine your teeth to check for damage. It may require an X-ray of the teeth to evaluate the extent of the decay. The gums and the bone surrounding the damaged tooth will also be assessed during the thorough check-up. The dentist will then inform you about the problem and discuss the filling procedure with you. You can choose the composite or porcelain filling depending on your budget. During the procedure, the tooth will be numbed using local anaesthesia and the decayed part will be removed by cutting through the enamel with a drill.

Then the tooth will be shaped to make space for the filling. Composite resin will be then filled into the gap and hardened with the help of a special light which bonds it to the tooth. The filing is then smoothed out by polishing to make it even like the other teeth. It gives a natural look because of the colour and can last for a very long time. It is not a lengthy process and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The porcelain filling also follows the same procedure, where a model of the tooth is utilised to create the filling which is fitted into the tooth with the same blue light.It lasts longer than the composite filling but is costlier in comparison.

The skills of the dentist in Hope Island play a significant role in the success of the treatment. So you must not spend your hard-earned money on amateurs. Whether you are looking for composite resin filling or porcelain filling, our competent dentists can take care of your needs efficiently. Also, our state-of-the-art equipment makes sure that we examine the entire mouth and treat the problems in an appropriate manner.

Post-Treatment Care

The cosmetic filling settlement period is dependent on the type of filling used to cover the holes. Some of the fillings are set instantly while others may take up to 48 hours. You will experience some pain and sensitivity in the treated area for close to two weeks. You can ask your dentist for painkillers if you are feeling uncomfortable. Also, you should avoid chewing hard or sticky things from the treated side for one or two days or as prescribed by your practitioner. Besides, maintaining oral hygiene is essential to avoid any such future complications. If the pain increases or persists after two weeks of the treatment, you must visit the dentist immediately for a check-up.

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