Cosmetic Fillings

As you may be aware, a cavity arises due to many reasons but the biggest culprit is sugar and a lack of proper oral hygiene care. At Paradise Smiles, Hope Island, we not only treat your cavities but we provide you with time proven and simple techniques you can utilise at home to prevent further cavities from forming.

In the early stages, you may not even be aware that you are suffering from tooth decay and this is why we recommend a comprehensive examination with our dentists. Some early signs that may indicate the presence of cavities include:

  • Sensitivity particularly to sweet and cold food and drink.
  • Brown or dark stains in the pits of your teeth or near the gum line
  • Broken teeth and fillings

If the cavity is detected early, it is often restorable with a simple filling. At Paradise Smiles, Hope Island we do not use silver – mercury amalgam fillings (shown below). This is a very old method and is nowadays obsolete. New improved technologies allow you to have invisible metal-free fillings that have the potential to last many years.

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