Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing that draws the attention of people. To keep the pearly whites in optimum condition, you need to clean them like all other parts of your body. It is vital to stay fit and be able to eat, talk and meet with people without any inhibitions. A healthy mouth ensures a healthy life and preventive dentistry makes sure that it remains that way. Preventive dentistry is the practice of tending to your teeth and gums on a daily basis as per the recommendations of a qualified and experienced dentist.

It consists of educating and informing people about oral care and hygiene and treating any infections or damage before it converts into something serious. Neglecting the importance of preventive dentistry affects a major chunk of the population in the form of tooth decay and gum diseases. In some cases, poor oral care can give rise to chronic conditions, including stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

How Do We Work?

At Paradise Smiles, our number one focus is the prevention of disease, and we do this by educating our patients on oral hygiene methods. Decay and gum disease are all preventable through proper home care (Brushing and Flossing) as well as regular (usually six-monthly) preventive professional care.We advise most of our patients to come in every six months to have a full oral examination, including soft tissue screening for the presence of oral cancer. Small problems may not be detectable by a patient and if left untreated can mean more costly and complex treatment. We also recommend a professional scaling and cleaning procedure to ensure healthy teeth and gums for life!

Please contact us at Paradise Smiles Dental to discuss your oral care needs and find out more about our prevention programme.

How Can You Help?

Preventive oral care works on the dedication of the patient to maintain his/her teeth. If you follow a strict regimen, you can steer clear of common dental problems like cavities and bleeding gums. Strong, white and clean teeth are not difficult to achieve. You simply need to focus on being regular with the cleaning procedure that involves the following.

  • The most significant part of dental hygiene is brushing twice daily followed by flossing. The bristles of the brush should not be too hard, and the toothpaste must be fluoride-based for best results. Move the brush in soft circular motions and cover all the teeth in all the directions.
  • Use a mouthwash to get rid of the remaining food particles in your mouth and kill the bacteria.
  • Say no to hard foods. For example crushing ice with teeth or breaking shells of walnuts with your teeth as these can chip the teeth.
  • Stop smoking and using tobacco products to reduce the risk of oral cancer.
  • Consume a healthy and balanced diet enriched with nutritious foods.
  • Cut down on acidic foods that can harm the tooth enamel.
  • Use mouthguards if you play contact sports or are suffering from bruxism.
  • Visit your dentist in Hope Island every six months for a regular check-up.

Preventive Dentistry For Kids

Children should also visit a dentist as soon as their first few teeth appear. It can help in inculcating a healthy dental care routine and identifying any teeth or gum problems in the initial stage.

  • Our dentists in Hope Island are well-versed in dealing with children and make the interaction exciting and interesting for them.
  • They guide children about maintaining healthy teeth and gums and eating the right foods.
  • The regular examination of the teeth and X-rays help in establishing the presence of any irregularity.
  • They ensure that the teeth are developing normally and use sealants to cover up the cracks that appear naturally to avoid cavities.
  • Dentists are also qualified to design mouthguards for kids who are involved in sports and similar physical activities.

Advantages of Preventive Dentistry

The service is beneficial for all age groups and guarantees healthy teeth for life. Here is a list of the benefits of preventive dentistry.

  • It decreases the risk of a variety of diseases such as cavities, periodontitis, gingivitis, and more.
  • These oral problems can lead to other harmful ailments which are again restricted with the help of preventive dentistry, such as heart problems, diabetes, oral cancer, osteoporosis and respiratory disease.
  • Pregnant women must also maintain their teeth since premature birth and low birth weight has been associated with unhealthy teeth and gums.
  • It saves a lot of expensive medical procedures by nipping the problem in the bud.

The Procedure

The dentists in Hope Island are accustomed to treating patients with both minor and serious dental problems. The preventive measures ensure that minor problems do not take a dangerous form. So they thoroughly examine the teeth and gums and then clean the build-up of plaque and tartar during the scaling and polishing procedure. They will advise you on the right technique of brushing your teeth and flossing to avoid plaque.

You must adhere to the diet prescribed by the practitioner as it not only keeps your mouth healthy but also maintains your physical appearance. Paradise Smiles Dental also suggests the right products that help in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. If you have any fillings or root canal, then the practitioner will ensure that they are not affected or damaged over time.

The Paradise Smiles Edge

Our dentists are committed to offering the highest standard of service while ensuring the comfort of the patients. We put special emphasis on screening and risk assessment to determine the high-risk groups and advise them on adopting a healthy dental care routine. We build long-term relationships with our patients. It allows us to make highly tailored and specialised treatment plans for them.

Also, the clients feel more at ease when they have been consulting the same dentist for a long time and are able to discuss their problems frankly. Equipped with all the case history and prior information, it becomes easy for our dentists to devise custom-made plans for the patients. If you are looking for a family dentist in Hope Island, then feel free to contact us today.

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