Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment is joked about in movies and sitcoms and is the topic many a facebook status update. The myths of root canals are difficult to overcome. However, our dentists a extremely well trained in the management of teeth requiring root canal and the modern technology used ensures excellent results and a much more comfortable experience for our patients.

Root Canals – THE TRUTH:

  • Completely painless during the procedure – We give local anaesthesia which ensures you are completely numb throughout
  • It saves you having to get a tooth pulled out and losing it for the rest of your life
  • They actually get RID OF PAIN!

A small cavity, if left untreated can start to cause significant pain as the decay travels through your tooth to the inner core, known as the nerve or root canal. When this happens, the tooth starts to die and significant pain and an infection ensues. At Paradise Smiles Dental, we can undertake a root canal treatment to save teeth which have become infected. If you have the tooth removed, please consider that you may have problems with biting, chewing and maintaining good oral health in a gap where food and bacteria may accumulate.

The prognosis for teeth with root canal treatment is generally excellent especially as we are careful to properly case select suitable teeth for the procedure. If you look after the tooth well, it will last for many years. If the tooth is structurally very weak, your dentist will tell you that root canal treatment may not be appropriate as the success is less likely.  Therefore, removal of the tooth would be the better option.

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