Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is joked about in movies and sitcoms and is the topic of many Facebook status updates. The myths of root canals are difficult to overcome. However, our dentists are extremely well-trained in the management of the teeth requiring a root canal. The modern technology utilised at Paradise Smiles ensures excellent results and much more comfortable experience for our patients.A small cavity, if left untreated, can start to cause significant pain as the decay travels through your tooth to the inner core, known as the nerve or root canal.

This pulp inside the tooth is a tissue that provides nutrients and oxygen to the tooth. When this happens, the tooth starts to die and gives rise to significant pain and infection ensues. Our qualified dentists in Hope Island conduct the root canal treatment to save the teeth which have become infected and alleviate pain.

Symptoms of Inner Core Damage

When the inner part of the tooth is damaged, it can cause severe pain and discomfort. Some other symptoms include:

  • Tooth sensitivity while eating hot or cold food items
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Feeling pain while chewing food
  • Pus in the gums surrounding the infected tooth
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Swelling up of the jaw line or face

If any of these symptoms are identified in the patient, you must immediately take them to the dentist. The practitioner will examine the teeth and conduct an X-ray to check the damage. It gives a clear picture of the number, shape and size of the roots that need to be treated.

What Causes This Problem?

Many times, the damage of the pulp can go unnoticed until it leads to excruciating pain. The main reasons behind the ailment are an injury that destroys the core, bruxism, decay occurring under a filling, cracks in the teeth which have not been treated for long or gum disease.The issue can quickly escalate after the infection reaches the core. The bacteria start multiplying and create a pit of pus or abscess at the root of the tooth. These bacteria then erode the bone and lead to the loss of the tooth.Sometimes, when the infection is extreme, the dentist may have to remove the infected tooth.

If you have the tooth removed, please consider that you may have problems with biting, chewing and maintaining good oral health in the gap where food and bacteria may accumulate. Thus it is replaced with an implant to maintain the balance of the jaw and facial appearance.The prognosis for teeth with root canal treatment is generally excellent since we are careful to properly case-select suitable teeth for the procedure. If you look after the tooth well, it will last for many years. If the tooth is structurally very weak, your dentist in Hope Island will tell you that root canal treatment may not be appropriate as the success is less likely. Therefore, removal of the tooth would be the better option.

The Procedure

An X-ray helps to identify whether the infection is restricted to the tooth or has reached the bone. The dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth. Advanced drilling equipment will be used to make a hole in the tooth and remove the infected pulp, clean the pus and debris. The next step is to shape the canals present in the roots in the form of hollow pipes without any place for accumulation of bacteria. Then the dentist will seal the canals with filling to avoid any reoccurrence of infection. The final step is to cover the treated tooth with a crown so that no bacteria can reach it again.

The procedure takes more time than cosmetic fillings but is not as painful as it is considered. You must wait till the numbness subsides and then eat only cold and soft foods for one or two days. Don’t consume hard, hot and spicy foods that can increase sensitivity or cause pain. After a few days, you can resume your regular diet without any restrictions. You can brush your teeth in the same manner as you did before the procedure.

You will have to stop flossing for some time if there has been a filling between the teeth.The restored tooth can stay healthy all through your life if you maintain proper oral care. You must visit your dentist every six months for check-ups to ensure your treated tooth’s well-being.Endodontists are dentists who have specialised in root canal and other treatments associated with the core of the tooth. Most dentists are capable of conducting a root canal treatment, and the intervention of an endodontist is required only in special and complex cases. Our dentists in Hope Island are fully capable of performing root canal procedures which restore the smile of our clients.

The Truth About Root Canals

It is a completely painless procedure. We give local anaesthesia which ensures you are completely numb throughout the process. It saves you from having a tooth pulled out and losing it for the rest of your life. You will actually get rid of the pain and feel minor inflammation in the area which goes away quickly. You will get your normal tooth back, which can be used for chewing and biting without any concerns. The recovery is fast, and the discomfort is relieved in a few days. The whole procedure may require one to three visits to the dentist in Hope Island.

It is a successful procedure if conducted by an efficient and experienced dentist who doesn’t miss any canals or leaves behind an infected part inside the tooth. If you notice any swelling or feel unbearable pain after the treatment, you must visit your dentist immediately.If you ignore the pain in the first place, then the untreated infection can spread to other areas in the mouth and in some rare cases, it can cause the inflammation of some body parts as well. It can even increase the risk of heart disease, so when you notice the first signs of a bacterial infection, you must pay a visit to your dentist without any delay. It is crucial to get it treated to avoid the spread of the menace.

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