SNORING APPLIANCE  :    A Solution to Stop Snoring

Wake up from a great night’s sleep.  You don’t have to put up with chronic snoring problems any longer.

Get Relief from Snoring Now

Whether you have a snoring problem of your own, or suffer from someone else’s snoring problem, relief is here. For less than half the price of comparable custom fitted solutions, SnorePro is the long lasting solution you’ve been looking for.

How SnorePro Works

SnorePro is the all natural drug free solution to help you stop snoring. To understand how SnorePro works it helps to know…

What Causes Snoring?

In simple terms, and somewhat ironically, it’s actually a relaxation response that causes snoring. When the throat and jaw are relaxed and settle towards the back of the throat, the airways become restricted and set up a vibration in the throat area – much like a squeezing the neck of a balloon when you deflate it.


Normally during sleep the muscles which control the lower jaw, tongue and soft palate keep the airway open, allowing the sleeper to breathe freely and quietly.

Sleep quality is not affected.

The sleeper wakes feeling refreshed.


When these muscles relax the jaw drops and the tongue falls back. The airway becomes narrower, which causes snoring and breathing difficulties.

Snoring is the vibration of the air and soft tissue as the air passes through the restricted airway. This is true even when the snoring seems to come from the nose.

Sleep quality is degraded because the snoring disrupts the normal sleep pattern. The sleeper will often wake feeling unrested and will easily fall asleep when relaxing.

SnorePro is an oral appliance for the treatment of snoring which advances the tongue and lower jaw from its natural position. This has the effect of keeping the airway open so

snoring does not start. For more detailed information please see the SnorePro Australia website

If you live around the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas (and even further afield) and you would like to stop snoring, get a good night’s sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning, then please give us a call on 5510 9999. Our dentists are Paradise Smiles are trained in the treatment of snoring and can help you get a good nights sleep

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