SNORING APPLIANCE: A Solution to Stop Snoring!

Snoring can make your nights miserable and ruin your days by leaving you with a sleepy demeanour. Whether your partner is a snorer or you are suffering from the problem, it can be challenging to enjoy your nap time. Everybody needs seven-eight hours of sound sleep to stay active and full of energy throughout the day. However, snoring can play a spoilsport and make your life challenging.SnorePro has changed this scenario with its pioneering design. You can now wake up from a great night’s sleep with the help of this amazing device that stops snoring.

You don’t have to put up with chronic snoring problems any longer by opting for this innovative product that can be customised for you with the help of our dentist in Hope Island.

Get Relief from Snoring Now!

Whether you have a snoring problem of your own or suffer from someone else’s snoring problem, relief is here. For less than half the price of comparable custom fitted solutions, SnorePro is the long-lasting solution you have been looking for. It is an oral device that stops snoring effectively so that everyone in the house can sleep peacefully. It is quite useful for people who snore as they tend to wake up several times during the night and feel exhausted in the morning. It makes them lethargic and grumpy and sleepy even during the day time.

Other people who sleep in the same room or house are also equally affected by the snoring and are not able to sleep through the night. So it is beneficial for the snorers as well as the family members.

How SnorePro Works

SnorePro is an all-natural drug-free solution to help you get rid of snoring. It restricts the tongue from becoming a barrier in the airway by keeping the lower jaw closed and moving it a bit forward. It is effective whether you breathe from the nose or the mouth. The custom-made product can be adjusted to offer a comfortable fit and give the best results. For a better understanding of its working, you need to learn about the causes of snoring first.

What Causes Snoring?

In simple terms, and somewhat ironically, it is actually a relaxation response that causes snoring. When the throat and jaw are relaxed and settle towards the back of the throat, the airways become restricted and set up a vibration in the throat area – much like the squeezing of the neck of a balloon when you deflate it. The pattern of snoring varies from person to person. Some people make a snorting noise in sleep, while others display an incessant roar that can wake up the neighbours too.

Usually, while sleeping the muscles that are in control of the lower jaw, tongue and the soft palate are responsible for keeping the airway open so that the individual can breathe freely and without making any noise. When the muscles relax, the jaw drops and the tongue also drops back. It causes the airway to become constricted, which leads to snoring and breathing problems. The air passing through the contracted passage makes the soft tissue vibrate and results in snoring.

In some cases, when the muscles become extremely relaxed, the airway gets entirely blocked and restricts breathing. It is known as obstructive sleep apnoea and is the reason behind headaches as the constriction does not let the oxygen reach the bloodstream and the lungs of the sleeper. This complete blockage can occur once or twice during the night or more. The unusual breathing can make the other people panic.

Debunking Myths Related To Snoring

Snoring has got nothing to do with age. It can begin at any age. However, the problem can aggravate with age as the muscles in our neck, throat and jaw become loose in the later stages of life. The loose muscles make the jaw drop and lead to the constriction of the airway. Some people tend to gain weight with age and the extra weight around the neck can also make things difficult. However, losing weight should not be considered a cure for snoring because even lean people can snore. You can exercise and lose weight to stay fit, but it will not assure riddance from snoring.

SnorePro is a safe-to-use device which is recommended by dentists all over the world, and there is no risk of choking associated with it. The product is made to fit the jaw of the user, and if there is any discomfort, your dentist in Hope Island can polish the material to make it more comfortable. It is a long-lasting product that does not need a replacement for five to eight years if you care for it properly. SnorePro encourages breathing from the nose, but the user can breathe from the mouth as well if needed. It stops snoring when you are wearing the device and comes with a guarantee period. You must consult with our proficient dentists to know more about the product and its advantages.

How Does SnorePro Help?

In people suffering from the problem, sleep quality is degraded because snoring disrupts the normal sleep pattern. The sleeper will often wake up feeling tired and will easily fall asleep when relaxing.SnorePro is an oral appliance for the treatment of snoring which advances the tongue and lower jaw from its natural position. This has the effect of keeping the airway open, so snoring does not start. For more detailed information, please see the SnorePro Australia website -

If you live around the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas (and even further afield) and you would like to stop snoring and feel more refreshed in the morning, then please give us a call on 5510 9999. Our dentists in Hope Island are trained in the treatment of snoring and can help you get a good night’s sleep. The device does not affect your sleep quality, and the sleeper wakes up feeling refreshed.Our dentists take the impression of your jaw to create a customised design of SnorePro which has been proven to have a 98% success rate.

The device has been helping people get rid of snoring for the past 30 years, and the involvement of an efficient dentist from Paradise Smiles ensures that precise measurements are utilised for the treatment. You will not feel any pain, and it is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.

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