Teeth Whitening

At Paradise Smiles Dental Surgery, one of our friendly dentists will examine your teeth and advise if you are a suitable candidate for Teeth Whitening. They will also advise which product will work best for your teeth. Currently, we offer In-Chair Whitening and Home Teeth Whitening.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening: We use either Pola office or Pola Rapid gel to provide faster teeth whitening results.

Home Teeth whitening: We provide you with custom-made trays and teeth whitening gel, so that you can whiten your teeth at home in your own comfort zone.

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Teeth Whitening

Stained or yellow teeth can be embarrassing and turn people away from you. They not only affect your personality but also hurt your confidence and make you feel aloof. Regular brushing and flossing can keep bacteria at bay but are not helpful in improving the colour of the teeth. You need something extra to get that pearly white glow which can make your smile brighter and better. Thus if your teeth are in the correct shape and structure, but you are concerned about their colour, then tooth whitening may be an option for you. It is a prevalent cosmetic procedure, and remarkable results are possible in just two weeks with the help of our efficient dentists in Hope Island.

Causes of Yellow or Discoloured Teeth

It is not easy to figure out the exact reason behind stained teeth as various factors contribute to this condition. It is a common problem, and the degree of discolouration varies among patients. It can be caused by the following:

  • Poor oral care, including irregular brushing and flossing and not using mouthwash for rinsing can cause yellowing of teeth.
  • Smoking and using tobacco products can stain your teeth.
  • Drinking too much coffee or tea or caffeinated drinks can also affect the colour of your teeth.
  • Old age can also lead to discolouration as the upper layer of the enamel starts fading away with age.
  • Some ailments can also affect the tooth enamel and the underlying layer called dentin. Plus, the treatment of specific disorders leads to discolouration, such as chemotherapy.
  • Certain antibiotics can have an impact on the colour of the teeth.
  • Genetics also play an essential part in ascertaining the colour of your teeth.
  • If you live in an area where the content of fluoride is too high in the water supply, or you use products that have high levels of fluoride, then it can lead to discolouration.
  • An injury such as a fall or accident in childhood can alter the formation of enamel in tooth and cause discolouration in later stages of life.
How To Avoid Staining of Teeth?

The causes mentioned above are the factors behind discolouration, and you can make a few alterations in your lifestyle to stay away from them. For example, you need to quit smoking and drinking too much coffee or cola. You must clean your teeth twice every day and visit a dentist every six months. A point to remember here is that yellow teeth can become white with these treatments, but brown or dark teeth may not show such results. These patients can opt for other treatments like crowns and veneers after discussing the problem with their dentist.

Treatments For Teeth Whitening

The treatment of discolouration is dependent on the cause of the problem. There are several methods utilised by dentists in Hope Island, which prove beneficial for patients. If it is related to personal hygiene, then the practitioner will inform you about the right techniques and guidelines of effective brushing and flossing. They will recommend diet changes if the cause is associated with your food and drinks consumption. The other treatments are listed below:

Gels and Strips

Many people use whitening gels and strips which are readily available in markets. The gels are made up of peroxide and are applied on the teeth using a small brush. If you are using them at home, you must refer to the instructions mentioned on the packaging and the suggestions made by your dentist. The whitening strips are extremely thin strips layered with peroxide-based gels which are applied on the teeth as per the instructions mentioned on the product. The results for both these procedures can be seen within a few months.


You can also use whitening rinses which are like mouthwash and help in removing plaque and bad breath. The whitening ones come loaded with hydrogen peroxide which is responsible for bringing back the glow of your pearly whites. These can show results in three months. If you experience sensitivity after using the product, you must take a break for a few days until your teeth adjust to the treatment. You can use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth containing potassium nitrate to feel better.


The market is flooded with whitening toothpastes which are useful in removing the stains but may not whiten the teeth as desired. Some of the professional products consist of hydrogen peroxide and can make the teeth a bit brighter than before, but not as white as expected.

Whitening Agents

Dentists in Hope Island use bleaching to whiten the teeth. It is a quick and hassle-free procedure. The product is applied to the teeth along with a special light or laser, and the treatment takes up to one hour to complete. It shows a significant change in the colour in the first session itself.

Why Should You Visit A Dentist For Teeth Whitening?

While many people rely on over-the-counter products for teeth whitening, they are not as effective as dentist-supervised treatments. The strength of the bleaching agents used by the professionals is higher and offers better results. Also, at the clinic, the dentist takes all the safety measures into account to save the gums from the bleaching agents, which is not possible at home.A dentist will first examine your mouth and understand your case history to decide on the best treatment method for your teeth. Bleaching is not administered on children or pregnant women, and thus you must keep such products away from the reach of your children.

People who have undergone restorative treatments or who have sensitive gums, cavities and exposed roots should not opt for the in-house products as they can have a negative impact on the user. You must always consult a dentist in such situations before using any product.We use the best products to ensure effective whitening in a safe manner. Please contact us at Paradise Smiles, Hope Island for a consultation regarding all options available to you to achieve the smile of your dreams. We regularly see patients from all over Gold Coast for tooth whitening procedures. You can contact us at 07 5510 9999 today.

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