Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Paradise Smiles Dental, Hope Island – we encounter many patients from all over the Gold Coast requiring wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom teeth often come through the gums in people’s late teens or later, generally being the last tooth to come through the gums. They often come as a set of four, one in each corner of the mouth, although some people may not have some or all their wisdom teeth.

Some wisdom teeth may remain under the gums without any problems, however, some that are unable to come through the gums properly will lead to problems such as continual infections around the back of the jaw. Once problems begin, extraction is advised to prevent the infection from spreading.

Gold Coast wisdom teeth removal – Our expertise

Wisdom teeth extractions can be more difficult than other extractions mainly due to the fact that it is far back in the mouth and access is difficult. Depending on the position of wisdom teeth, our dentists at Paradise Smiles, can help you in making the right choice about getting teeth removed on chair(under local anesthesia) or in hospital (under general anesthesia). If you choose to have them removed on chair, our dentists will make sure that it is done in the most comfortable way possible.

Recovery after wisdom tooth extraction

One of the most asked questions is how much time will I need off work? After Wisdom teeth removal, our Gold Coast patients are usually keen to return to normal daily activities. The healing time can vary with extraction difficulty and if you are a smoker. Smokers tend to take longer to heal and if the extraction is difficult and significant surgery is required, pain and swelling can be present for a few days. We recommend as a general rule of thumb to have 2-3 days off work to recover. We provide you with written after care instructions to ensure a quick recovery and all post op care is included in our fees.

At Paradise Smiles, Hope Island, we will discuss all options with you to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your wisdom teeth.

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