Benefits of Laughing Gas as a Sedative

Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is commonly used in dentistry because of its ability to induce euphoria in patients and reduce their anxiety. It is a safe and effective anaesthetic and analgesic that is given to the patient through a nosepiece for mild sedation.

It does not necessarily make people burst into laughter but makes them feel happy and joyful. Thus, they are not jittery or tensed while undergoing dental treatment.

Most dentists in Hope Island  utilise laughing gas to sedate children who are excessively anxious or jumpy while sitting in the dentist’s office. It is one of the best ways to keep the patient conscious and do away with their nervousness. Here are the benefits of using nitrous oxide as a sedative in dentistry.

1. Safe for All Age Groups

The most significant advantage of using laughing gas is that it is completely safe and can be administered to children without any side effects. The gas is colourless and odourless and is combined with oxygen to be inhaled by the patient through a nose mask.

The gas relaxes the nervous system and makes the patient calm and peaceful. There are no side effects of this sedation if administered at desired levels by the dentist.

However, if the level increases, it can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, profuse sweating, shivering and drowsiness. However, these are short-term effects and do not last for long. Thus, the practitioner has to make sure that the patient is not given too much of the gas.

2. Fast and Effective Sedation

It can be administered without any fuss or intravenous injections. The patient has to just wear a nose mask and breathe the air, which is odourless. The sedative goes into the lungs through the inhaled air and relaxes the patient in a few minutes.

Therefore, kids are given this type of sedation as they are scared of shots and injections. It can be administered fast and starts working without any waiting period.

3. Wears Off Swiftly

Another advantage of happy gas is that its effect goes away quickly without any intervention. As soon as the patient starts inhaling oxygen without nitrous oxide from the mask, the sedative wears off.

The impact lasts only a few minutes after the removal of the mask. Many dentists allow the patients to drive back home on their own after the sedation wears off. Thus, many people do not have to take the day off from work and can go back to the office after the dental treatment.

4. Does Not Lead to Sleeping

Nitrous Oxide does not make the patients fall asleep. It only relaxes them and is considered an anxiolytic because it helps in reducing anxiety during dental treatments.

The patient is conscious and can move his jaw and listen to the instructions of the dentist to make the procedure a smooth process. There is no lingering effect of the sedation, and the patient can go back to doing normal activities without feeling sleepy.

5. Apt for Patients with Healthcare Needs

The safe nature of the sedation makes it appropriate for patients with special healthcare needs or disabilities. It can be challenging to make them sit for long procedures in the chair.

Laughing gas is also useful in the case of patients who suffer from excessive anxiety and can become uncooperative during the procedure.

It is also used for people who have gag reflexes and cannot sit for a normal dental examination that requires the use of equipment inside the mouth. Nitrous oxide is also beneficial for patients who do not respond adequately to local anaesthesia.

6. Relives Pain During Treatment

Several dental treatments can make the patients uncomfortable or endure pain, including root canals, crowns, veneers, dental fillings, etc. Laughing gas comes to the aid of such patients and works as an analgesic that relieves pain.

When it is combined with a topical numbing spray, the discomfort becomes negligible and makes the patient sit through the procedure without any pain or problem.

7. Children Love the Sedation

It can be challenging for parents to take kids to the dental clinic and make them wait for their turn. However, laughing gas is one thing that they look forward to and are interested in wearing the nose mask.

It makes them feel tingly and warm and makes the job of the dentist easy as the child becomes cooperative. It reduces the time needed to complete the treatment as the child sits in one position without feeling uncomfortable and follows the instructions while feeling happy. Thus, there is no disruption, and the treatment time is decreased considerably.


Nitrous oxide has been in use for centuries and is preferred by dentists in Hope Island because it does not make the patient unconscious. The safe and successful sedation method is simple to administer and alleviates anxiety, fear, pain, and discomfort from dental treatments.