Discoloured Teeth - 7 Foods that Cause Stains

Early morning coffee or tea and a glass of wine in the evening are staples in most homes. These drinks may lift your spirits but can lead to the yellowing of your pearly whites. With time, foods and beverages that contain a dark pigment produced by compounds like chromogen and tannins make teeth stained because of the rich colour in them.

Besides these chemical compounds, the acid produced in the mouth by these foods also wears down the enamel and exposes the yellow dentin. However, many people are not aware of this fact and continue to consume these foods and regret later.

Most of them visit dentists Hope Island to get their discoloured teeth whitened again. Thus, it is better to know about these foods so that you can make amendments to your diet and maintain the shine of your teeth. So, here is a list of the top seven foods that can lead to discolouration.

1. Tea or Coffee

Although these make you feel refreshed and energised because of the caffeine content, they contain tannins that stain the teeth. If you are addicted to your morning dose of caffeine and cannot break the habit, you must add some milk to your hot brew.

Remember that black tea or coffee can cause maximum discolouration. Thus, it is better to add milk. Since herbal tea does not have a dark texture, some people believe that it can be consumed without affecting your teeth. However, white and green teas also cause wearing out of the enamel and lead to yellowing. So, you need to be careful with these drinks.

2. Wine

It is common for wine drinkers to suffer from teeth staining because the acid present in the beverage causes the enamel to become porous. Daily consumption of wine leads to the colour sticking to the surface of the enamel making the teeth appear stained.

Red or white, both types of wine can cause the problem because of their acidic nature. So, brush your teeth twice a day and rinse them after you have wine.

3. Sweets and Candies

Kids and adults with a sweet tooth are fond of hard candies, gums, chocolates, and sweets. However, the high sugar content and stickiness of these foods makes them a complete no-no from a health point of view. Besides causing cavities and tooth ache, these are also responsible for staining as they contain food colouring. So, brush and floss your teeth soon after you consume them to avoid the problem.

4. Sauces and Curries

Sauces and curries add the much-required taste and punch to mundane food. However, these richly coloured sauces made from soy and tomato have a lot of acids that break down the enamel and get stuck to the teeth, causing discolouration. Also, curries have turmeric and other spices that cause yellowing.

So, whether you are enjoying pasta, spaghetti, or an Indian curry, you must not forget to rinse your mouth thoroughly after the meal. Also, you must eat stain preventing foods along with them, such as apples, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, pears, etc.

 5. Colas, Sodas and Sports Drinks

Colas and sports drinks are dark in colour and contain acid. Although sodas are colourless, they have the same amount of acid that is harmful to teeth. If you do not want your tooth enamel to dissolve, you must cut back on the intake of these beverages.

They are also not a healthy choice for your body, so keeping their consumption to a minimum is the best way to eat right. You should try using a straw when you are offered dark-coloured drinks as it allows the liquid to straightaway go to the food pipe instead of touching the teeth.

6. Fruits and Berries

Fruits with rich colours, packed fruit juices and berries can leave your teeth stained. Although fresh fruits are a part of a healthy diet, they can lead to discolouration, so you must have them in moderate quantity. You can also switch the dark ones with the light-coloured ones, such as eating white cranberries instead of blackberries.

However, all of them have acid, so it is better to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after having your fruit bowl or juice. You can also drink water or milk after having berries and fruits to remove the acid and wash away the leftovers from the teeth.

7. Balsamic Vinegar

If you are fond of South Asian cuisine or love salads, you would be familiar with balsamic vinegar. The dark-pigmented vinegar also has high acid content, which makes it attack the enamel and cause discolouration.

So, you must stay away from foods that have strong colours and can stain clothes or your tongue. You can also try adding fresh lettuce to the salad with balsamic vinegar to reduce its impact on teeth.


While smoking is considered the cause of staining teeth, some foods can also play the same role. Thus, dentists in Hope Island suggest reducing the intake of these foods and following strict oral hygiene. It will help you maintain the beauty of your smile forever.