What To Do If You Break A Brace Or Retainer

Unaligned or crooked teeth are perfected by dentists with the help of devices like braces and clear aligners. They are replaced with retainers to maintain the alignment of teeth and keep them in position.

It ensures the orthodontic treatment does not reverse, and your teeth are aligned permanently. Since the retainers are to be worn for a long period, they can break while chewing hard foods or during a mouth injury.

It can be challenging to deal with the situation if the next dental appointment is a few days ahead. It is essential to understand that if you continue without a retainer, your teeth will start to fall back into the crooked position.

The entire treatment will be wasted, along with the money spent on it. Thus, you must know what to do if you break your brace or retainer by mistake. It will help you prevent your teeth from shifting until the next dental appointment.

What to Do When the Braces Break?

Braces have brackets that can break due to wear and tear after long use. When you realise the brace has broken, you must check the extent of damage. It usually leads to the breaking of other brackets joined with wire.

Remove the brackets that are about to fall out and place them in a clean container. If the broken brace does not affect the wire, it will not create any discomfort.

However, if the wire gets bent due to the breaking of several brackets, it can lead to pain as the wire can scrape the inner walls of the cheeks or gums. In this case, you must use a cutter to shorten the protruding wire that is hurting you.

Make sure to clean the cutter and take precautions to avoid infection. If cutting is not possible, you can bend the wire towards the teeth to stop the scraping. You can use a damp Q-tip to change the direction of the tip of the wire. The next step is to visit your professional dentist Hope Island as soon as possible to replace the brackets and wire.

What to Do When the Retainer Breaks?

Retainers can break unexpectedly due to a fall, dental injury or biting a hard food. It is not always easy to get a dental appointment immediately. Thus, you need to start damage control at home.

If you have a fixed retainer, you must remove the broken device and keep it in a container. It is best to purchase a mouthguard and place it in your mouth to prevent the teeth from relapsing in their unaligned positions. It is essential to do this until you visit your orthodontist.

However, do not delay the appointment because losing or breaking the permanent retainer can cause unwanted tooth movement and increase the duration of the treatment.

If you have removable retainers that are worn at night, you must examine them for wear and tear. Check if they have developed cracks or do not fit perfectly over the teeth. You can buy an aligner for the time being to maintain the alignment of your teeth.

However, these are not customised and do not offer the desired push to teeth. So, book an appointment with your Hope Island dentist to replace the temporary retainer.

Take Precautions When Retainer Breaks

When the retainer or brace breaks and causes discomfort, it is vital to take precautions to reduce pain. You should not be eating or biting on hard foods that can further aggravate the situation. When you have a broken brace in your mouth, you must stick to a soft diet.

If it is painful, dentists in Hope Island suggest rinsing the mouth with warm salt water to relieve the uneasiness. It is also vital to maintain optimum oral hygiene and remove food particles that might get stuck in the broken brackets or retainer.

Since brushing thoroughly may not be possible, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse away the accumulated food debris. You must immediately inform your dentist about the broken retainer and book an appointment.

Until you are able to meet your orthodontist, you can purchase an over-the-counter retainer to keep your teeth in position.

How to Avoid Damage to Your Retainer?

People who wear retainers or braces must care for them to keep them protected by maintaining optimum dental health. They must clean the removable retainers before putting them in their mouth and brush their teeth before it.

The device must be handled with care while removing and must be held from the edges to avoid putting uneven pressure. It must be held firmly while cleaning to avoid slipping and breaking.

Dentists in Hope Island recommend using a non-alcoholic mouthwash while wearing a permanent retainer. Using the toothbrush suggested by the orthodontist while cleaning teeth with braces and retainers is vital.

Wrapping Up

Retainers and braces can break and leave you helpless. However, you must not panic and contact your dentist to book an appointment at the earliest. You must follow the tips above to keep your teeth fixed in the right position when you face a similar situation.