7 Dental Hygiene Tips to Follow in 2021

The new year has brought the hope of fresh beginnings for many who were eagerly waiting to make new resolutions. The health crisis brought about by the pandemic has made people rethink about their well-being.

Therefore, this is the best time to strive for better health and maintain a disciplined routine throughout the year. While physical fitness is crucial, you must also pay attention to your dental health in 2021.

It is highly essential to treat your teeth and gums with love and care to keep them healthy and strong. Most reputed dentists in Hope Island suggest being attentive to oral care to stay away from dental problems that can cause a lot of pain and stress.

Thus, here are a few dental hygiene tips that will help you to stand by your resolution of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in 2021.

1. Never Forget Night Brushing

While all of us are aware of that fact that we need to brush our teeth twice every day, we often neglect the bedtime brushing. Whether you are young or old, brushing before going to sleep is necessary.

It helps in cleaning all the built-up plaque and the acids produced by foods in the mouth. If you avoid this, the bacteria stay in your mouth for the night and can cause damage. You must brush properly to get rid of the germs and should not rush through the process.

The toothbrush must be held at a 45-degree angle to stroke the teeth gently and remove the film of plaque accumulated on the teeth. Do not forget to cover the molars and the inner surfaces of the teeth. You must also brush the tongue for complete oral care.

2. Pick Your Dental Care Supplies Carefully

Besides using the right technique, you should have the right toothbrush and toothpaste to achieve the best results. The toothbrush should have soft bristles so that they do not injure the gums during the up and down strokes.

The hard-bristled ones can cause gum bleeding so you must avoid them. The toothbrush must be replaced every two to three months as the old ones can hold on to the bacteria and place them back in your mouth while brushing.

Also, the worn-out bristles will not be able to remove all the plaque from the tooth. You must use a fluoride toothpaste to brighten your smile and strengthen the tooth enamel so that it cannot be broken down by the acids produced in the mouth.

Fluoride suppresses tooth decay and shields the teeth from the impact of harmful bacteria.

3. Floss Everyday And Gargle Often

While brushing is mandatory, you should not forget about flossing. It must be a part of your dental care routine, and you must do it once every day. Flossing is vital because brushing alone is not helpful in removing the food stuck between the teeth.

It is also beneficial in stimulating the gums and eliminating plaque. It reduces the risk of inflammation of the gums due to the infection caused by food stuck in the space between the teeth. If you find it challenging to use a dental floss roll, you can use floss picks that are easy to use.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is not only helpful for your overall health but also your oral hygiene. Drinking water after meals helps in washing away the food leftover in the mouth after a meal. It is also helpful in case you have a dry mouth which can become a breeding ground for bacteria as the level of saliva is decreased.

Fluoridated water further aids in keeping tooth decay at bay and is beneficial in avoiding the problem in children. The fluoride present in the water makes the teeth stronger and keeps the mouth clean.

 5. Avoid Foods That Cause Yellowing

Staining of teeth is a common problem which affects the colour of the teeth. To enjoy the perfect smile, you must pay attention to your food and drinking habits which can cause yellowing.

Red wine, black tea and coffee and colas are the main culprits for staining. Alcohol and sodas have a high level of phosphorus, which can reduce the calcium levels and cause tooth problems.

You can also opt for drinking these beverages with the help of a straw to avoid contact with your teeth. In addition, you must quit smoking cigarettes if you want to have a million-dollar smile.

6. Choose A Wholesome Diet

You are what you eat! So, make sure that you consume a nutrient-rich diet which makes your teeth stronger. You should stick to foods that do not get stuck to your teeth, such as sugary and sticky items.

Eating fresh and raw fruits and vegetables help in keeping the teeth clean. Snacking on salads and crunchy fruits is better than munching potato chips and chocolates as sugar gets stuck to the teeth and causes decay.

7. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

You may be following all the healthy teeth guidelines and may not have any dental issues, but you still need to visit your dentist every six months.

Dentists in Hope Island have the equipment to check for cavities which may have just begun and can nip them in the bud. They also remove the calculus deposits from the teeth to make sure there is no cause for tooth decay.


If you have been planning to take care of your health in 2021, then make sure that you include dental hygiene in the plan. You can follow the tips mentioned above to stay away from oral problems and flaunt an attractive smile.