Can Metal-Free Crowns Be Used on Back Teeth?

Dental prosthesis has helped in the creation of devices that have helped in the correction of several tooth problems. Crowns are one of the most widely used among them and are used to cover damaged teeth or implants.

They are like caps that are custom-fitted and cannot be removed since they are fixed with cement. They are also used to hide discoloured or uneven teeth and can be used in combination with bridges by expert dentists in Hope Island for strengthening teeth.

The crowns used traditionally were made of metal or ceramic. However, these days, the latest ones are made from zirconium dioxide and are called zirconia crowns. They are metal-free and are becoming highly popular because of their myriad advantages.

They are available in two variants –solid and high translucent. The solid ones are recommended by dentists for covering the back teeth because they are opaque and strong. Let us understand more about these crowns and their benefits.

What Are Metal-Free Crowns?

Earlier, dental crowns were made up of gold or silver or porcelain fused with metal. However, the new age crowns are free from any type of metal and thus least harmful to the surrounding tissue. The zirconium crowns do not contain any metal and are completely biocompatible.

These devices offer superior restoration because of their outstanding strength, aesthetic value, and ability to last longer than their counterparts. They are considered better than full porcelain crowns because they are unbreakable.

These crowns are cemented in the mouth by the dentist and can be easily created from a block of zirconia using computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing.

Solid zirconia is stronger than high translucent and is capable of enduring forceful chewing, teeth grinding and bruxism. It can also be used to restore teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

The opacity of these devices makes them suitable for covering back or posterior teeth. The high translucent zirconia crowns look almost like natural teeth and are suitable for covering front teeth.

They are stronger than porcelain fused with metal (PFM) crowns but are not recommended by dentists for correcting teeth alignment.

Advantages of Using Metal-Free Crowns

Metal-free prosthesis has become a preferred choice for dentists because of a variety of reasons.

  • Improved Safety

A lot of practitioners recommend the zirconia crowns because they are biocompatible, which means that they do not lead to any allergic reactions. Since it is metal-free, the immunological response of the device is negligible.

The surrounding tissue responds positively to the non-metal crown. The chances of gingival darkening are minimal with this device, and it does not begin displaying metallic margins in case of gum recession.

  • Strength and Durability

The zirconia crowns are pretty robust and do not chip or crack like porcelain crowns. They are exceptionally durable and can last for more than 15 years if the user maintains optimum oral hygiene.

The monolithic zirconia is made from the same block and are resistant to fractures or wearing down after years of usage.

  • Visual Appeal

Besides looking incredibly similar to natural teeth, the zirconia crowns are resistant to stains and do not become discoloured over the years. On the other hand, the problem of staining is common with porcelain devices.

However, the zirconium ones do not get stained easily and can be cleaned by the dentist in case of any visible tints formed due to smoking or excessive intake of black coffee.

  • Suitable for Back Teeth

The back teeth are subjected to maximum force and pressure while chewing hard foods. The opaque or solid zirconia crowns can withstand the stress because of their strength and are considered a better match for the posterior teeth. They do not let the impact of hot and cold foods affect the patient, which usually happens with porcelain crowns.

  • Customisation

The process of manufacturing is fairly simple and quick and some of the dental clinics offer the same-day placement of the crown. The customisation process helps the dentists to create the perfect match for the existing damaged teeth so that the patient does not feel any discomfort while chewing. It can be manufactured in the same shade as the adjoining teeth.

  • Beautiful Smile

With the older crowns, many people were concerned about the metal lining visible close to the gums. However, with zirconia crowns, all these fears have become a thing of the past and people can smile and laugh confidently even after getting the crown placed on their damaged teeth. Their aesthetic appeal further adds to their attraction.

Disadvantages of Using Metal-Free Crowns

There are no significant side effects of zirconia crowns. However, a few people have raised the concern of wearing down of the opposing tooth by the device. The problem is rare and can be rectified by visiting your dentist regularly for the examination of teeth and the crown.


If you have damaged teeth which are making you embarrassed or anxious, you must visit your dentist in Hope Island to enquire about the metal-free crown treatment. It is highly recommended because of its longevity and ability to match perfectly with other natural teeth.