Dental Care for Seniors: Common Issues and Maintenance Tips

Old age comes with various health issues, and dental problems are the most common among them. Seniors are more susceptible to oral problems that can cause pain, infection and tooth loss.

Ageing individuals who are immobile or have difficulty moving their limbs suffer from poor oral hygiene. Also, chronic diseases like diabetes and heart problems can trigger dental issues.

Thus, it is vital to start caring for your teeth after you enter your 50s to save them from age-related ailments. Let us help you understand dental care for seniors by explaining the common issues and maintenance tips. It will help you identify the problems at an early stage and work on keeping the mouth healthy.

Common Dental Problems In Seniors

People who are above 65 are affected by some common issues because of years of wear and tear. Let us look at them.

Discolouration of teeth

It is common to find aged people with darkened teeth because of consuming staining foods and beverages for a long time. Also, the tooth enamel wears off with time and exposes the yellow dentin, which makes the teeth yellow or discoloured.

Dry Mouth

The production of saliva in the mouth reduces with age. Also, most seniors take medicines for other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, etc. These lead to dryness in the mouth, which makes teeth vulnerable to decay because of the absence of saliva, which naturally cleans the mouth.

Tooth Sensitivity

With old age, gums start receding and expose the tooth root. It creates a sharp pain in the teeth while consuming hot and cold foods and beverages. Hope Island dentist recommend using fluoride toothpaste and saltwater rinses to reduce sensitivity.

Gum Disease

Also known as periodontitis, gum disease is an infection that damages the gums and even the jawbone. It is prevalent among seniors and can lead to tooth loss if neglected. The reasons for gum disease include poor oral health, addiction to tobacco and unhealthy eating habits.

Denture Induced Stomatitis

Older adults who wear dentures suffer from denture-induced stomatitis that leads to inflammation and swelling of gums. It can be caused by a fungal infection in the mouth known as thrush. It can also occur because of dentures that do not fit properly or poor oral hygiene.

Dental Root Decay

During gum recession, the root becomes exposed to acids in the mouth. If it is left unchecked, it leads to the build-up of bacteria that cause decay. You must your Hope Island dentists to get treated at the earliest and avoid tooth loss.

Dental Maintenance Tips for Seniors

Poor dental health can affect the overall well-being of aged individuals. Seniors need to keep their mouths healthy to avoid pain and expensive medical bills. Here are a few tips to maintain your teeth.

Pay Attention to Teeth Cleaning

Older people are prone to tooth decay. Thus, they must be cautious about keeping their mouths clean and bacteria-free. It requires following a strict oral hygiene routine, including brushing twice and flossing once a day.

They can use an electric toothbrush to cover all surfaces. Also, they should avoid too much mouthwash because it can lead to a dry mouth. Instead, they can use warm saline water for rinsing after meals.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

In old age, it is better to keep your diet in check. Avoid eating sweet, deep-fried, sticky foods, such as candies, chocolates, cakes, soda, packaged fruit juices, potato chips, biscuits, etc. They can form plaque and cause cavities that can damage your vulnerable teeth. It will help you stay fit at any age.

Clean Your Dentures for Optimum Hygiene

To avoid problems like denture induced stomatitis, clean and brush the dentures daily to remove food particles. Soak them in clean water overnight and follow the advice of your dentist in Hope Island.

It is essential to visit the practitioner if you feel any discomfort while wearing the device, such as inflammation of the gums or pain.

Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

Tooth loss and decay is a common problem among seniors. Usually, they get dentures to fill the gaps. However, expert dentists in Hope Island suggest dental implants for better chewing ability and stability of the jaw bone.

They are permanently fixed in the mouth and do not have to be removed and cleaned regularly like dentures. Dental implants are like natural teeth and offer many benefits.

Drink Lots of Water

Medicines and old age are responsible for dry mouth. Seniors can reduce its impact by sipping water throughout the day to keep their mouths moist and wash away bacteria.

Also, reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages to protect your teeth from enamel erosion. Quitting tobacco is also helpful in reducing the impact of dry mouth.

Wrapping Up

The population of seniors is rising in Australia, and many of them live alone. They must manage their health and hygiene to maintain optimum living conditions. The information provided above can help them recognise tooth problems and use the maintenance tips to keep them away.