Healthy Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth

Thanksgiving is a festival that is synonyms with feasting. Most of the times, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your plate with your favourite foods.

However, some of them could be damaging for your teeth, especially if you are prone to cavities and other dental problems. From sweet potato crisps and pumpkin pies to cakes and cinnamon rolls, there are myriad items that can make you visit the dentist on the special occasion.

However, Thanksgiving meals do not have to be loaded with sugary delights and other sticky foods. Besides the usual roast turkey, you can keep the menu delicious as well as healthy.

Most dentists in Hope Island suggest consuming a nutritious diet while celebrating to keep the dreaded toothache at bay and enjoy the day. So here is a list of some wholesome Thanksgiving foods that will allow you to eat to your heart’s delight.

What Is Healthy for Your Teeth?

Staying away from creamy pies and sugar-coated candies is not the only way to safeguard your teeth. Some nutritious foods also erode tooth enamel and can hurt the gums.

However, it does not mean that you will have to give up on indulging your taste buds. You can enjoy some healthy foods without affecting the well-being of your pearly whites by brushings and flossing after eating. Let us take a look at the foods that you can gobble up without any guilt about tooth decay.

1. Turkey

A Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without a turkey and who can resist a big one that is prepared with all the love for the family. Dentists recommend relishing the delicacy as it is full of protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

All of these are beneficial in making the teeth and bones stronger. However, do not forget to brush and floss your teeth after devouring it because small chunks can get stuck between your teeth and lead to problems.

2.  Cheese

Cheese and wine are often served together before dinner. Although wine can stain your teeth, cheese helps in combating the adverse effects with its ability to fight acid erosion of your teeth.

Cheese helps in removing the acid left behind in the mouth after eating snacks that allow the bacteria to flourish. Gorging on the cheese platter is the perfect choice to keep your teeth healthy during the festivity.

 3. Orange Juice

Even if you are not a big fan of the beverage, you must include it in the party menu. Fresh orange juice is full of vitamin C, which is helpful in maintaining healthy gums.

However, you need to be aware of the acids produced by the citric fruit, which can affect the tooth enamel. So, make sure that you drink lots of water to wash away all the acids from the mouth.

4. Casseroles

Prepared with a variety of fresh vegetables, these are filled with nourishment for the body and the mouth. Green beans, onions and mushrooms are particularly beneficial in reducing the effect of plaque and gingivitis.

Utilising fresh vegetables as salads and appetisers is also a good idea to include nutrition in your heavy meals.

5. Sweet Potatoes

The much-loved sweet and starchy vegetable is full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It can be prepared in a variety of ways including sweet potato fries, hash browns, chips, baked sweet potato and much more.

They are recommended by dentists because they keep the gums healthy. However, when you are deep frying them, make sure that you drink plenty of water afterwards to avoid any particles from getting stuck between the teeth.

6. Yoghurt

The low fat and calcium-rich dairy product is highly recommended by dentists because of the presence of probiotics. To serve the best version for the Thanksgiving dinner, you must opt for Greek yoghurt which is plain and has a higher concentration of probiotics.

It can be used as a dip with snacks or as a side dish with the meals. It also helps in maintaining the pH levels in the mouth and fights with bacteria and bad breath.

7. Raw Fruits

Snacking on fresh and raw fruits laid out along with the cheese platter is a wonderful way to keep your teeth healthy during the festive season. The rich colour of the fruits not only add sumptuousness to the spread but also tempt the taste buds of the guests and family members.

From pomegranates to apples and pears, you can pick a variety of fibrous foods that neutralise the acids present in the mouth. Also, a bowl of fruit salad is always easier to prepare than frying up several snacks.

8. Tap Water

As stated above, drinking water helps in washing away the food lingering in the mouth due to its sticky consistency and reduces the acid build-up.

Fluoridated tapwater is also advantageous in safeguarding the tooth enamel from the acids produced in the mouth. So, make sure you have ample water and place jugs on the table so that everyone is tempted to quench their thirst.


Thanksgiving is always filled with fun and frolic, but you can make it healthful by choosing the right foods to eat and serve. So, take note of the above-mentioned items which are recommended by dentists in Hope Island to enjoy the day with full fervour.