What Happens If You Leave A Chipped Tooth Untreated?

A fractured or chipped tooth not only makes you embarrassed but also poses a severe dental health hazard. Whether you notice a slight crack on the surface or witness a part of the tooth has fallen off, it needs professional intervention from your dentist in Hope Island.

Although the tooth enamel is the strongest part of the human body, you may have to face tooth damage at some point. The reason for chipping may vary for every individual, but you should not leave the tooth unattended as it can lead to serious consequences. Here is a rundown on the dental problem and risks associated with it.

How Can A Tooth Get Chipped?

The most common reason for chipping is chewing of hard foods with full force. For example, you may bite into a piece of cherry cake only to be startled by the presence of the hard seed, which causes the tooth fracture.

If the food is extremely hard, then the enamel may not be able to endure the force with which the jaw is clenched and get chipped. Another common cause of chipping is an accident or injury, such as tripping over or getting hit in a sport or getting a blow on the jaw in a fight.

In addition, you may witness a broken tooth if the tooth was already weak or was treated for cavities some time back.

What Happens If You Ignore It?

Neglecting tooth problems is quite common because most people dread the thought of getting injected in the gums or undergoing dental treatments. However, if you leave a chipped tooth untreated, it can lead to a severe infection, which can aggravate and affect other body parts.

If the tooth changes colour after an injury or trauma, it indicates that the pulp of the tooth has been damaged. In such circumstances, the dentist will determine whether the root is affected, or the tooth has become infected.

Usually, an infection happens when the crack leads to the exposure of the pulp, which comprises the blood vessels and nerves. The bacteria present in the mouth can reach the pulp easily when it is exposed and infect it to cause further damage.

It is possible that you may have to get the tooth extracted if you do not get it treated in time, which can be more painful and expensive. So, whether you are in pain or not, you must book an appointment with the dentist when it happens to get it examined.

How to Identify A Chipped Tooth?

Sometimes you may not be aware when it happens so you should know all the warning signs that can point towards a chipped tooth if it is not apparently visible. You may start feeling sensitivity when you consume something hot or cold or feel pain while chewing your food. Besides these, a persistent toothache or bad breath can also indicate the chipping of teeth.

What To Do When Your Tooth Is Chipped?

If you are aware of the fact that you have chipped or broken your tooth, then you must rinse your mouth with a saline solution at home to avoid chances of an infection.

You can cover the broken part of the tooth with dental wax or sugar-free gum to keep bacteria at bay. Also, do not eat any hard foods. These are just precautions until you visit the dentist. You still need to get the tooth checked and treated by the practitioner.

Treatment Options For Chipped Teeth

The treatment of the problem will depend on the damage done to the tooth and the health of the surrounding gums and bone before the mishap took place. Here are the usual procedures utilised by the dentists.

  • Fillings – The fillings are used when the tooth has only been slightly chipped and has no signs of infection or any other damage. The tooth-coloured fillings are shaped and fixed effectively with a UV light.
  • Crowns – If the upper part of the tooth is cracked leaving behind a big gap which cannot be covered with a filling, then the dentist will opt for a porcelain crown that looks like a real tooth.
  • Veneers – If the front surface of the tooth or teeth have been affected in a mishap, then the dentist will suggest a porcelain veneer which lasts for many years.
  • Root Canal – In case the damage is serious and has affected the pulp of the tooth, then you will have to go for the root canal treatment. If a crack is left untreated for a long time, then it becomes necessary.
  • Extraction – If the damage is beyond treatment, then the tooth needs to be removed and replaced with an implant. It can be avoided if you do not ignore the first sign of chipping.


The moment you realise that you have chipped a tooth, you must visit your dentist in Hope Island to stop the problem from escalating. It is highly recommended to make sure that you do not have to go through unbearable pain and hassle later.