When Is The Right Time To Visit A Dentist?

Most people do not think about visiting a dentist until they experience agonising pain or severe swelling of the gums. However, this is the biggest mistake that often leads to serious dental problems.

If you have been avoiding regular appointments with your experienced dentist in Hope Island, then the New Year is the best time to set things straight. It is common knowledge that one should visit a dentist every six months to ensure optimum oral health and hygiene.

It helps in recognising tooth decay and gum diseases at an early stage to get them treated. Besides the dates mentioned in your health calendar, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms that call for immediate professional intervention. So here is a list of the reasons that should make you book a dental check-up without any second thoughts.

 1. Regular Examination

Your dentist is the best person to advise you on the frequency of your dental check-ups as it depends on the health of your teeth and gums. Maintaining consistency is significant and missing these appointments can not only cost you financially but mentally and physically too. Prevention is better than cure, and you must follow this rule perfectly.

2. Experiencing Pain

Tooth pain can be a warning sign of an impending issue or an infection. The pain can come and go or keep you in discomfort for long.

Whether it is shooting pain or something that subsided after a few minutes, you should not neglect it and visit your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of the ache or soreness. Tooth decay can also lead to swelling of the cheek, so must be able to identify the root cause of the problem.

3. Inflammation of Gums

Sometimes you may not be in pain but can feel that your gums are swollen and have taken a darker shade of red. You may also witness bleeding while brushing and flossing.

These are the signs of gum problems, such as an infection or the build-up of plaque under the gum line and should be checked by the practitioner immediately.

4. Bad Breath

An awful smell coming from your mouth consistently not only causes embarrassment but is also a sign of poor oral hygiene. You can use mint chewing gums, tongue cleaners and mouthwashes to get rid of the odour.

If it persists after following proper dental hygiene, then you need to speak to your practitioner as it can be the indication of a serious underlying problem.

5. Tooth Sensitivity

We often do not pay attention to tooth sensitivity, which leads to intense tooth pain while consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. You can use tooth sensitivity reducing toothpaste to lessen the impact of the problem while eating. However, you must inform your dentist about the same to get it thoroughly checked.

6. Canker Sores

These are mouth ulcers which are usually yellow or white in colour and have redness around them. They are formed under the gum line, the inner walls of the cheeks or the palate and are painful.

These usually get better in a week if you do saline gargles and avoid acidic foods that can cause irritation. However, if they do not go away and seem to spread in the mouth, then you must get them treated without any wait.

7. Dryness of the Mouth

The symptoms of dry mouth include keeping your mouth moist with water to avoid dryness after every few minutes or feeling of a parched tongue or too less saliva in the mouth.

Dryness can also make your mouth susceptible to fungal or bacterial infections. Thus, you must visit your dentist to get it checked.

8. Injury or Accident

If you have injured your mouth in an accident or in a mishap, you should get your teeth examined by the professional. You may not be feeling any pain, or the pain may have subsided due to the painkillers for other bruises, but the problem can be deeper.

So, make sure to go to the dentist in case of a dental emergency to ensure that your teeth are healthy and in good shape.

9. Low Immunity

If you have medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc., that can lower your immunity then you must pay a visit to your dentist regularly to have one less thing to worry about.

These problems can increase the chances of gum diseases and tooth decay, and they can stay dormant for a long time. So, get them corrected before they become problematic.

10. Tobacco Consumption

Smoking plays a significant role in the development of gum disease and can even lead to the lethal ailment of oral cancer.

If you are not planning to quit the habit anytime soon, then paying a visit to your dentist regularly becomes mandatory. Tobacco can affect the overall health of the mouth and the body, and thus your teeth need more care and attention.


Besides these reasons, you may also want to visit your dentist in Hope Island for cosmetic procedures. In any case, medical advice and treatment are better than home remedies and neglect. So, keep your mouth healthy and hygienic by getting your teeth examined whenever necessary.